When to contact a Graphic Designer?

When you should talk to a Graphic Designer…

When starting a new business or updating an established business it is always a good idea to talk with a professional graphic designer. Discussing your thoughts and ideas with him or her will save you money in the long run, increase your chances of success and improve your image in the eyes of your customers!

  • you want your next professional printing project to turn out really nice
  • your logo lacks excitement and/or needs to be updated
  • you are planning a new marketing campaign
  • you need a well-coordinated business stationery package, for example bus cards, letterheads, envelopes, labels, invoices & other forms
  • you are going to create a new website or upgrade an older one
  • you need new signs – small or large and of any type including neon, electric, posters, billboards, truck lettering, interior sign systems, banners, etc.
  • you have a custom calligraphy project
  • you are writing/editing a book, booklet or pamphlet which you intend to print or publish
  • you need to update or create a new brochure
  • you are planning on creating an ad of any size to put in a local newspaper or publication, or in a major magazine
  • you want to do an online email ad campaign and need to create an HTML newsletter or emailer
  • you need new graphics or custom graphic elements for your website
  • you need animated graphics for your website or online ad campaign